3 Places to Visit When You Do Mount Bromo Tour

There are at least 3 tourist attractions around Mount Bromo.  Because it is in the vicinity, some Mount Bromo tour agencies provide package services.  So, by choosing a particular Mount Bromo tour package, you will be able to visit several places around Mount Bromo.  Not only that, but the visiting time will also be arranged to the best moment by the Mount Bromo tour agencies. For example, seeing the sunrise in the early hours of the morning, or going to the waterfall during the day.


3 Places to Visit When You Do Mount Bromo Tour

Sometimes there are a number of Mount Bromo tour agencies who give a choice of only a few of the 3 attractions below, but some provide full service.  Everything depends on the cost and duration of the trip.  The more costs and time you have, the more places you can visit.


1. Mentingen Hill

The first tourist location you must visit when you do the Mount Bromo tour is Bukit Antigen.  It has a height below Mount Bromo because it only appears as a hill.  The advantages of Antigen Hill for travelers are the cool atmosphere and the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. Many visitors intentionally take camping time at dusk to see its beauty.  Another time that can be chosen is at the time of the morning before sunrise.


2. Teletubbies Hill

Although the name brings in childhood memories, Teletubbies Hill is actually more suitable for adults to carry out various interesting activities for your Mount Bromo tour activity.  For example, pre-wedding photos. The extraordinary natural beauty of this location is perfect for being a romantic photo background between two people.  Not only that, because it’s still in the mountain area, the cool air is shrouded in thin fog in the morning or the warm rays of the sun before noon is perfect for removing fatigue.  The name Teletubbies Hill itself has become famous since the appearance of Teletubbies series.  Because the residents feel that there are similarities in this hill with the hill on Teletubbies series.


To be able to get there, the traveler can pass the southern part of Mount Bromo when you do a Mount Bromo tour.  Teletubbies Hill is still in one lane with a road leading to Savana Grassland.


3. Madakaripura Waterfall

Madakaripura Waterfall is different from other waterfalls.  The advantage of this waterfall is there are several waterfalls at one cliff area that is shrouded behind giant natural walls.  So, this waterfall looks like it is confined and isolated from the outside world.  Only sunlight penetrates it during the day.


In detail, Madakaripura Waterfall is located in Lumbang District, Probolinggo.  The recommended route when going to Madakaripura Waterfall by Mount Bromo tour agencies is from Probolinggo Tongas before reaching Mount Bromo.


Because many domestic and foreign tourists often go there, access to Madakaripura Waterfall is increasingly facilitated and expanded.  For now, 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles can easily reach it.


So that’s it for the best 3 locations you can visit when you do your Mount Bromo tour.  You can discuss it with your partner where you will go for your Mount Bromo tour.  But, you must visit those 3 best locations because it will really satisfy you with the view.

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